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Our Services and Rates


Our saddle fitting sessions and rates are described here. We also offer free consultation over the phone. 

Note: Our rates are subject to additional charges if your session extends over an hour. Some sessions require assessing the horse while being ridden which takes additional time.

Haul into our location:

Normally saddle fitting sessions will take about 1 hour. We will assess fit and any concerns regarding fit with your horse. We can fit your horse into a form that will show what fit works for your horse. Also saddles that you have will be assessed as to fit. 


Travel to your barn:

If you are unable to travel to us we can travel to you for saddle fitting. In this case it would be more cost effective to have several horses to fit. Travel time and fuel charges are assessed as well as $75.00 for each fitting session.

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Email Instructions:

This option is complementary and informational so that you may take a wither tracing and use to assess saddles that you are currently using or saddles you are possibly interested in purchasing.


Form Mold of Back:

This option works very well for fitting and is ideal if you are not able to haul into our location. This kit can be mailed out to you and you can make a fiberglass form of your horses back. Once you have created the form, ship back to us for consultation.


Full Wither Tracing:

We can send you a full wither tracing kit which works well if you are not within driving distance. The kit is very easy to use and once you have the tracings, you can either send them via mail or email back for consultation.



We do book clinics throughout the year. We limit the class to 10 horse/riders per session. 

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